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Please note! The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education was closed down on 31 December 2012. Instead two new agencies have been established: the Swedish Council for Higher Education and the Swedish Higher Education Authority. This website will continue to operate as the new agencies will have links to information it contains.  

Recognition process

When an application has been received by Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) requesting that a qualification from another country be recognised in Sweden, an acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the applicant usually within one month. If the application needs to be appended or amended, a request for more information is sent by letter. The application takes up to four months to process and is free of charge.

Comparability of qualifications

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education applies a number of criteria when evaluating higher education programmes from other countries. The most important of these are: the duration of the study programme, the level of difficulty, the degree project or dissertation, and the purpose of the study programme in terms of future studies or employment. The qualification must also have been awarded by a higher education institution recognised by the Ministry of Education or other competent authority in that country.
The Agency compares the qualification with the criteria applied for the award of an equivalent Swedish qualification. If an award from another country has included devoting time to subject areas not included in the equivalent Swedish qualification, for example, military training, physical education or extensive work placements, these will be excluded from the recognition process. The study of foreign languages is important. For instance, an applicant may only have studied a language at beginner´s level whereas the stipulation for entry to the study programme in Sweden may have required studying the language at a higher level.

What does recognition mean?

Recognition means that a qualification has been compared with a Swedish qualification and recognised as equivalent. It does not mean that an applicant has been awarded a Swedish qualification.
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