Conducting evaluations in the earlier system

Quality assurance 2001 - 2010

This is a short description of components of the quality assurance system that the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education used until the end of 2010. 

We evaluated courses and programmes to ensure that they maintained a high level of quality and that students received the same standard of education throughout the country. The results of each evaluation were compiled in a report. We continue to evaluate courses and programmes in the new system.

We evaluated quality assurance work in higher education in accordance with the seven aspects recommended by ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education). We wanted to see that the HEIs worked actively to increase the quality of their activities.

We considered applications for degree-awarding powers. If our assessment was that the HEI had the right prerequisites for high quality in the relevant degree, they were given entitlement to award that degree. We continue to consider applications for degree-awarding powers in the new system.

We conducted thematic studies in which we analysed and problematised selected aspects of activities within higher education. HEIs could use the studies as a basis for discussion and for inspiration in their development work.

We wanted to inspire HEIs to continually strive for improvement. One example is that we awarded the title of Centre of Excellence in Higher Education.

We conducted quality assessment surveys among students and teachers — Studentspegeln (Student Mirror), Doktorandspegeln (Postgraduate Students Mirror), Internationella studentspegeln (International Postgraduate Student Mirror) and a teachers´ survey. The results of each survey were compiled in a report.

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