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Report 2009:33 R

Survey of Courses and Programmes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The report (2 MB)
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This is a summary in English. The report is available only in Swedish.

This report is a survey of the occurrence of courses and programmes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, including Business, in higher education. The survey has been carried out on the request of the Swedish government, and its background is the political preference that entrepreneurship and innovation should permeate all levels of education.
The survey shows that there has been an increase in the number of higher education courses and programmes in the relevant areas over the past five years. This is a clear trend, even though a lack of accepted definitions make the survey, and especially comparison between different higher education institutions, unreliable. The courses and programmes presented by the higher education institutions include everything from theoretical courses in Entrepreneurship to highly specialised programmes for potential entrepreneurs, which include practical work in entrepreneurship and innovation. Much of the education presented comprises courses or programmes with elements of training in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and/or Business.

The survey also shows that, despite the increase in the number of relevant courses and programmes, there is a long way to go before Entrepreneurship and Innovation are present as elements of study programmes at all levels. It is still only a small proportion of the higher education institutions' students that receive such knowledge through their course and programmes in higher education. It is still also the case that education in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is primarily provided through study programmes in Economics or Engineering and, to some extent, Medicine. There is great potential for developing courses within other fields of study/subjects.
On this basis, Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) wishes to supplement its previous recommendation that education in Entrepreneurship and Innovation should primarily be provided as “strips" (elements) in programmes — i.e. in a context where the actual subject influences the content and focus of these strips. It is also important that education in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is adapted to the programme's type and focus, so that it will be of use in the contexts in which the student will be active. The increased focus on innovation and its significance in sustainable development, including via the Knowledge Triangle, means that it is particularly important that there is education in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, even at second and third-cycle levels.

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