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Please note! The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education was closed down on 31 December 2012. Instead two new agencies have been established: the Swedish Council for Higher Education and the Swedish Higher Education Authority. This website will continue to operate as the new agencies will have links to information it contains.  

Report 2008: 9 R

Follow up of subject and programme evaluations 2002

Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) conducted evaluations of all higher education subjects and programmes between 2001 and 2006. The subjects and programmes that were approved will be followed up three years after the publication of the evaluation report, at the earliest. Follow-up evaluations include investigating if the recommendations of the assessments panels have been acted upon. The departments that have had their right to award degrees questioned must, within one year, account for how the problems have been solved if they wish to retain their right to award degrees. This report presents a summary of the follow-up evaluations of those subjects and programmes that were evaluated in 2002. None of the departments had their entitlement to award degrees questioned.

The following were evaluated in 2002: Ancient Culture and Society, Egyptology, Archaeology, Baltic Languages, Celtic Languages, Economic History, History, Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Environmental Technology, Environmental and Health Protection, Marine Engineering, Nautical Science, Slavic Languages, Eastern and Central European Studies and Social Work.

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