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Report 2008: 8 R

Follow-up evaluation of Teacher Education

This evaluation was carried out in 2007 by Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) in collaboration with external experts, and is a follow-up to a previous evaluation in 2004. 

General Education Studies, teaching placements, Mathematics and Swedish have been the subject of particular review because they are core areas and fundamental to a number of other subjects. The assessments have been based on the self-evaluation forms submitted by the higher education institutions (HEIs) and by visits to the HEIs.

The report demonstrates that the majority of HEIs have taken the recommendations for improvements in the 2004 evaluation very seriously and remedied many of the weaknesses. Many programmes now have a more fixed study path. The levels and progression in General Education Studies have improved, as has the organisation of degree projects with regard to supervisor competence. Several HEIs have attempted to employ teachers with doctorates and enabled lecturers without doctorates to conduct research. The organisation of placements has improved considerably.

However, there is still a considerable number of HEIs with areas of weaknesses. Having too few teachers with doctorates is disadvantageous for research and is a problem with regard to the supervision of degree projects. There is also a problem with subject didactics, e.g. Mathematics. At the majority of HEIs, the teaching of the core subjects, particularly Mathematics is a problem. The weaknesses in the progression through General Education Studies remain problematic.

With the report of the assessment panel as a basis, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Agency) has questioned the entitlement to award degrees at ten of the twenty-six HEIs in the evaluation process: Borås University College, Gävle University College, Skövde University College, University West, Karlstad University, Linköping University, Luleå University of Technology, Malmö University College, Mid Sweden University, and Södertörn University College. The HEIs are expected to follow the recommendations for improvement and by 30 April 2009, at the latest, must account for measures put in place to remedy the weaknesses.

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