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Report 2008: 3 R

Evaluation of the Veterinary Medicine Programme and third cycle studies in Veterinary Medicine

This evaluation was conducted by Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) in 2007 at the SwedishUniversity of Agricultural Sciences in collaboration with the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education.

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education´s (Agency) assessment panel ascertained that the Veterinary Medicine Programme was of a high standard with several points of merit including high teacher competence, good study environment and good research links. However, to further raise the quality of the education, certain recommendations were made: to simplify and make more effective the management of the programme, increase cooperation with the Veterinary Nursing Programme, and strengthen and develop the horizontal and vertical subject integration.
With regard to third cycle (doctoral) studies, certain positive features were observed: doctoral studentships are advertised on the website and in the national press, the completion rate is high, and there are a good number of international and external doctoral students. Recommendations for improvements include investigating the reduced application rate and improving research seminars for doctoral students.

The Agency was of the opinion that an investigation should be initiated into how the Veterinary Medicine Programme could develop a structure for continued professional development.

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