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Report 2008:26 R

Evaluation of the Programme in Toxicology at Karolinska Institutet

The programme offered at Karolinksa Institutet has been developed and adapted to meet the requirements of the new Degree Ordinance. From the autumn semester 2008, the programme will be offered as a two-year Master´s programme. The assessment panel has reviewed the planned programme using the quality aspects and criteria that Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) has stipulated must be applied to Masters´ programmes from 2008.

Society has a need for expertise in toxicology for three purposes: basic and applied research, toxicity testing and risk assessment. The programme is designed as a preparation for a career in research as well as for careers in other professions. The programme differs from several of the undergraduate programmes at the institute: few students are admitted, on average 15 every other year, and the programme is held at one department, i.e. InstituteofEnvironmental Medicine.

The assessment panel´s view is that the Master´s programme offered according to the previous Degree Ordinance was of a high standard and that the institute has the competence to offer the programme in accordance with the new Degree Ordinance. There is sufficient teaching staff. Links to third cycle programmes are clear and are characteristic of the programme. The quality of the degree projects is high. The final part of the programme is at doctoral level. However, the international links should be improved, and it is the view of the assessment panel that, in the near future, the medium of instruction should be English.

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