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2007:47 R

Higher education institutions´ special bodies for teacher training — responsibilities and powers

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education has studied what responsibilities and powers the special bodies for teacher training have been given at universities and university colleges. It is the National Agency´s view that more than half of the higher education institutions have given the special bodies sufficient decision-making powers to fulfil the responsibilities that the law stipulates they should have. However, at ten institutions the decision-making powers of the special bodies are so limited that it is doubtful whether they have been given the powers they should have.
The views previously put forth by the National Agency, about the need for rules that allow for other organisational solutions, are supported by the present study. The National Agency has noted that the Government intends to set up an inquiry into teacher training programmes shortly, and in this connection takes it for granted that the inquiry´s brief will include considering the need for special bodies for teacher training, as well as their position in the organisation. The present study should serve as a basis for the inquiry. For this reason, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education does not at present intend to apply any measures against those institutions which cannot be regarded as fully complying with the provisions of the Higher Education Act about a special body for teacher training. Instead, the National Agency will await the findings of the inquiry.
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