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2007:26 R

Evaluation of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in stage performance and production

This report presents the results of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education´s 2006/2007 quality audit of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in stage performance and production at Swedish universities and university colleges. The evaluation covers programmes at nine institutions, in theatre, dance, opera, musicals, film, and music production.

The National Agency commissioned an external assessment team of experts from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden to carry out the evaluation. The team included expertise in all the areas audited. Institutions were visited by the team between December 2006 and March 2007. Jana Hejzlar and Anton Ridderstad from the National Agency participated as the assessment team´s secretaries.
The assessment team´s report is in two parts: one part with general impressions and recommendations, and a second part with institution-specific descriptions, impressions and recommendations. The team alone is responsible for the contents of its report. The National Agency´s decisions and reflections, which are presented at the beginning of the report, are based on the findings in the report.

The established dramatic arts programmes maintain a high standard generally, according to the assessment team. There is a great awareness of the artistic dimension and the special demands that it makes. Students are very qualified, motivated and involved. Teachers are, with few exceptions, themselves established performers in their respective fields.

The assessment team strongly believes in the relatively recent discipline of artistic research. However, the team points to the risk that research will become too theoretically based, and not use practical experience of stage performing enough. The teachers´ time for their own work on artistic development is a necessary prerequisite for maintaining high quality, but such time is generally not given a high enough priority by the institutions.

Students´ informal influence on their education is generally satisfactory, but often there are no forms for evaluation and reviews. Often there is no written documentation for assessment and examination of students, either.

On the basis of the assessment team´s report, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education calls into question the right to award degrees in the Music Producer programme at Linköping University and in two programmes at Gotland University (Script and Concept Development for Film, and Cinematic Representation, 3D Grahics and Animation). The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education´s decisions are based on the perception of insufficiencies in artistic and scholarly fundamentals, and a lack of necessary specialisation and progress. These two programmes were begun without an artistic vision and appear mainly to be about attracting students to areas that young people find interesting and trendy.

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