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2007:22 R

Evaluation of the international migration and ethnic relations (IMER) subject at Malmö University College

This report contains the results of the evaluation of the undergraduate programme in international migration and ethnic relations (IMER) at Malmö University College. The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education carried out the evaluation in 2006. The report is in two parts: the National Agency´s decisions and reflections, and the external assessment team´s report. The assessment team is responsible for the contents of its report. The National Agency´s decisions and reflections are based mainly on the assessment team´s report.

The focus of the IMER subject is twofold: the causes of international migration, and the consequences of migration. The goal is to cover the entire migration process, from the conditions in the countries that migrants are leaving to what the migration and integration processes are like in the recipient countries. Among themes dealt with in the subject are social relations and self-images in society, immigration policy and integration policy. The subject is multidisciplinary by nature, with both a local and a global perspective. Furthermore the subject is very much about contemporary reality, but covers a number of historical aspects at the same time.

In Sweden , the undergraduate IMER programme is offered only at Malmö University College, while postgraduate studies in the subject are pursued within the ethnicity theme, among others, at Linköping University. There are eight postgraduate students at IMER in Malmö, of which five are registered in the ethnicity theme. The remaining three postgraduate students are either registered at Lund Universityor in other subjects at Malmö University College.

It is the assessment team´s impression that the level in terms of subjects is good on the undergraduate programme. Above all, teaching competence is good and broad in terms of subjects and research links, with 17 tenured teachers with PhDs. A system of double course responsibility is employed, which means that teachers with different subject backgrounds are responsible for each course, giving students different subject-wise approaches. However, the assessment team notes that there is no double tutoring of students writing dissertations. The programme´s course content is relevant in the assessment team´s view, but it would like to see a clear progression between the C and D levels on the programme.

IMER holds what is known is a Willy Brandt Professorship. This is a guest professorship for internationally prominent scientists who spend six months at the university. The professorship enhances the subject´s international contact network and sometimes also provides students with an international panorama.

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