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ISBN 91-85027-21-9

Genus Perspective of Theology

BrödtextGenus Perspective of Theology is written by Anne-Louise Eriksson, associate professor in the science of creeds and ethics and head of the Church of Sweden’s department for research and culture. This is the ninth title in the series on genus perspective issued by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education in collaboration with the National Secretariat for Genus Research. The purpose of the series is to provide an orientation of genus perspective within the various disciplines. The genus perspective requirement within higher education and research often encounters counter-questions: what is genus and what is genus perspective? There are no straightforward and given answers, since genus researchers within the various disciplines have different views on how best to define and apply these concepts.

The aim of genus research within theology, or feministic theology, is to focus attention on problems related to gender and authority in theology. It deals with elucidating and investigating female subordination in theologies, churches and communions, but it also develops theological models that avoid constructing gender subordination and superordination. What Anne-Louise Eriksson means is that genus perspective has the potential to influence how most religions develop and adapt contemporaneously.