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Please note! The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education was closed down on 31 December 2012. Instead two new agencies have been established: the Swedish Council for Higher Education and the Swedish Higher Education Authority. This website will continue to operate as the new agencies will have links to information it contains.  

2004:10 R

Assessment of subject Computer-Systems Science/Information Processing at Swedish Universities and University Colleges

This report shows the results of the quality review of undergraduate and post-graduate research in computer-systems science/information processing at Swedish universities and university colleges carried out by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education in the year 2003. The assessment covers 20 undergraduate programmes and 10 post-graduate studies.

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education appointed an external assessment group to carry out the report. The group was made up of seven professors, four undergraduate and two postgraduate students. Six of the professors come from other Nordic countries.

The assessment group´s report is divided into interrelated findings, a thematic analysis and recommendations from an institute of higher education. Report content is the responsibility of the assessment group. Decisions and reflections of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education derive from the assessment group´s report.

· Members of the assessment group are of the view that many institutes of higher education have as principal subject on their curriculum computer-systems science/information processing, that too many small educational environments have post-graduate studies and that there is a major shortage of PHd lecturers. Summarised conclusion: this consequently might have an adverse effect on quality.

A section of the report is devoted by the assessment group to analysing the demands of students for a higher education within the related field of knowledge, something that has diminished significantly during the past several years. The group exhorts institutes of higher education to pay greater attention to strategic planning and in so doing be better able, among other things, to meet and handle varying applicant pressure from the students.

· What the assessment group is getting at is that the subject has a wide scope with opportunities and it is desirable that programme specialisation should be developed at the respective institutes of higher education. Student recruitment would be facilitated if this specialisation was clearly forthcoming in study information literature.

It is the general view of the group members that ambition levels are far too low concerning internationalisation in all its forms with regard to a subject that to all intents and purposes is international in character. The members have found few activities that pave the way for a gradual transfer to the educational structure advocated by the Bologna Process.

The assessment group urges increased collaboration, both between the higher educational establishments in the country, institute departments and surrounding society. On the basis of the assessment group´s report and analysis, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education has reservations regarding the right of the University of Växjö concerning doctoral degree exams in the subject computer science with specialisation in information processing.