2003:6 R

The UN Child Convention affects higher education - a report commissioned by the government

This anthology is one outcome of a task entrusted to the National Agency for Higher Education by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs at the end of 2001. The Agency was asked to encourage the higher education institutions to find ways of integrating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into their teaching, in accordance with the strategy for the implementation of the convention adopted by the Riksdag in 1999.

The anthology contains articles on the use of the Convention in some higher education programmes, in law, social work, nursing and in courses in environmental psychology in programmes in architecture. One of the articles shows how programmes in education can deal with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Another article asks what approach to the Convention can be adopted in higher education and in what way it affects higher education. The anthology also presents the responses of the higher education institutions themselves to questions circulated by the National Agency in 2002 on the use of the Convention and the possibilities it provided.

The National Agency for Higher Education believes that issues relating to children could potentially be of great value in many programmes - more than those dealt with here - and the use of the Convention in higher education should not be restricted only to those offering qualifications for professions involving contact with children. However, it is not the task of the Agency to prescribe which programmes should deal with the Convention or what should be included in programmes in higher education. The Agency does however provide a few suggestions on how the government could continue to support the implementation of the UN Child Convention in higher education. It could review the aims of degree programmes, support research and the development of teachers´ expertise in areas relating to children.