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Gender Perspectives on Language

Gender Perspectives on Language was written by Kerstin Nordenstam, senior lecturer in Nordic Languages at Göteborg University. Intended as an introduction to gender research and language, it is the seventh title in the series on gender perspectives issued jointly by the National Agency for Higher Education and the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research at Göteborg University.

How gender attitudes influence language acts

Adopting a gender perspective on language means, for example, pinpointing the relevance of gender to both sexes´ language acts and their interpretation, or ways of using language to describe and place men and women in society and culture. According to Kerstin Nordenstam, research involving linguistic analysis can, for example, help to expose gender-based and other prejudices, and their implications.

Various interpretations of the term ‘gender´

Demands for gender perspectives in education and research often prompt counter-questions. What is gender, and what is gender research? No self-evident, unequivocal reply can be given, and answers have varied from one researcher to the next. This publication, the seventh in a series about gender research, is intended as an overview of gender research in various disciplines and inspiration for further reading in the field.