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Please note! The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education was closed down on 31 December 2012. Instead two new agencies have been established: the Swedish Council for Higher Education and the Swedish Higher Education Authority. This website will continue to operate as the new agencies will have links to information it contains.  


Högskoleverket (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) has a responsibility to provide information to the Government, higher education institutions and other interested parties about the higher education sector. The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education's publications are a result of the evaluations, audits, supervisory visits, thematic studies and surveys conducted on a regular basis.

The Agency is also responsible for developing and maintaining a Swedish-English word list on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

Publications bank

Publications are, most often, in the form of reports but may also be in the form of brochures. Sometimes the publications are written in English. At other times, only the summaries are available in English. 

Publications may be obtained by downloading them from this site or by sending an email to: The name of the report must be specified.


Short version of annual report

Every year, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education publishes an annual report of higher education. A short version of the annual report is available in English.

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