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Please note! The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education was closed down on 31 December 2012. Instead two new agencies have been established: the Swedish Council for Higher Education and the Swedish Higher Education Authority. This website will continue to operate as the new agencies will have links to information it contains.  

Administrative departments

Department of Administrative Services

  • Coordinating, monitoring and improving the systems for records management, finance, procurement, facilities management and human resources.
Head of Department, Nina Karlstedt: +46 (0)8 563 085 15

Department of Higher Education Analysis

  • monitors and follows the development within the higher education sector, primarily at the national level but also internationally,
  • performs government assigned investigations, analysis and evaluations and is the responsible body for higher education statistics in Sweden,
  • responsible for certain issues related to admission to higher education, especially regarding entry requirements and selection criteria for higher education entrants, and
  • responsible for developping the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test for higher education.

Head of Department, Annika Pontén: +46 (0)8 563 087 57

Department of Communications

  • Presenting comprehensive and unbiased information about higher education studies
  • Motivating young people to study at higher education institutions
  • Spreading information about the results of work undertaken by Swedish National Higher Education.
Head of Department, Eva Ferndahl: +46 (0)8 563 085 86

Department of Information Technology

  • Procuring, maintaining and improving the information and telephone systems.
Head of Department, Lena Mahlberg: +46 (0)8 563 085 65

Department of Legal Affairs

  • Inspecting higher education institutions to ensure their compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Providing administrative support and legal expertise to the Board of Appeals and the Suspensions Board
  • Ensuring the legality and quality of Högskoleverket's (Swedish National Agency for Higher Education) regulations.
Head of Department, Christian Sjöstrand: +46 (0)8 563 087 31

Department of Quality Assurance

  • Evaluating the quality of first, second and third cycle programmes
  • Examining the entitlement to award first and second cycle qualifications
  • Reviewing applications for the entitlement to award third cycle qualifications
  • Developing and spreading information about quality assurance procedures in higher education.
Head of Department Maria Sundkvist +46 (0)8 563 086 93

Department of Qualifications Recognition

  • Assessing post-secondary qualifications from other countries
  • Assessing whether post-secondary study programmes in other countries are of a sufficiently high standard for Swedish students to be eligible for student finance
  • Supporting higher education institutions with the expertise required to accredit higher educational qualifications from abroad
  • Granting qualified teacher status to teachers trained abroad
  • Applying international directives and conventions regarding the accreditation of qualifications from other countries.
Head of Department, Lars Petersson: +46 (0)8 563 088 23
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